How to create flips more easily with AI assistance.

Creating a new flip is not a hard process, but sometimes a good consistent story just doesn't come into mind, especially when it is bounded by a couple of words you have you use in it. I had an idea how to accelerate this process a little bit with some AI techniques that currently exist and are easily available for everyone. The main idea is to present a type of a story I want to get to a GPT-like model and use its response as a backbone for a flip’s story.
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XVII century coins treasure

I discovered this treasure in 2012 on the setting of a garden which was there in the XVII century.

The former garden was in a few miles from a drowned settlement (due to construction of a new hydro-electric power station). The drowning happened in 1983. The drowned location was erased on the former medieval settlement. Due to the location of the garden on the hill it was almost untouched by the flood.
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Welcome to Baffler! is designed to concentrate the forces of the active part of the Idena network community in one place. In a place where you are not tied to email, phone number, bank card and language.

You can talk about decentralization as endlessly as about the colonization of Mars, but when there are real tools that allow you to make a leap towards decentralization, you just need to «press the button».
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