Welcome to Baffler!

Buffler.org is designed to concentrate the forces of the active part of the Idena network community in one place. In a place where you are not tied to email, phone number and bank card.

You can talk about decentralization as endlessly as about the colonization of Mars, but when there are real tools that allow you to make a leap towards decentralization, you just need to «press the button».

Now any node in the Idena network can communicate with each other.

Soon, the project will be connected to Telegram in order to receive notifications about new private messages, new comments in your publications, etc.

Other blogs will be created later

The Idena network, like the Baffler community, belongs to all of us and each of us.


An amazing project. I hope this project will do well, as well as the author. Peace.
Thanks bro! Peace
Could you allow newbies to create blogs? Also «You are not good enough yet to create a blog» sound like and insult. XD
)) Alas, if this is allowed, everything will turn into chaos. A little later we will make a survey, and add the blogs that are required.
You can always add an entry to your personal blog. Just don't select blog when posting and the post will be published to your personal blog.
Would this be just a P2P chat, group chat or both?
Would it be a MOD or ORG that would keep a continuous eye on the space?

I like the idea…
I believe we need an easier way to contact each other rather than depending on Discord and the like.
We should be able to use our own blockchain for the minimal of what blockchain can do, so I like this!
However, I worry about, especially if Ads are used to fund.
If Ads are a part, who would be over seeing and the partnership of which companies that gather the ads ad their contents?

This is a new era in «Blockchain IM» BOOM occurring, it IS upon our doorstep.
There will be hundreds if not thousands of blockchain based IM and the ways we could run with ours.
Would we compete on a global level to promote the blockchain or would this be for us, the community?
I imagine the ones that will be controlling the platform, ( i.e. MODs, community hierarchy, bots) would be for IDENAs interest.
I would like to see this turn into less of a Telegram situation, and rather pinpoint the objective of the «topics» or «groups».

I will vote but I still have many many questions regarding 2 years down the road, not just 6 months.

This should not only be a CHAT or MEETING place, but also a hybrid «github/reddit» type platform where IDENA approved members can use to grow with other platforms, yet FOCUSING on the POWER of the IDENA synchronized consensus and validation method.
The kind of validation process that would work tremendously with Ai contracts and ideas, I believe.

This is a powerful, powerful validation process with its «Choose to be» *private/*public options.
Lets keep this mentality up, but I believe the Devs and Ops should also consider ( along with a forum for us like Baffle ) a way to allow the consensus to be integrated with an Ai project backend.
iDNA is getting noticed, lets take Proof of Human to the top, combined with a Proof of History «SnapShot» where the Human is still in control of automated scripts.

We, as the chain's «Keepers», can be the ultimate in anything from Ai, safety to transactions for currency.

We, whom are the committed of a Blockchain built on «Human Uniqueness» countering and collaborating with the ever cunning and growing «Uniquely Automated 'Smart contracts'».

Checks and Balances, when done with the masses (i.e. Voting, ecosystem consensus) «When Done As Intended» have never failed our civilization. It will not fail us now!

For now, Baffler can be used as a replacement for Medium.com. In order to help the project, it is enough to keep your own or a collective blog, what will come of it, time will tell.
I still didn't get how to add friends.
You go to the user profile, and click «Add to friends»
I tried to create a BLOG but was not allowed.
I see a need for a BLOG on the subject of CEREMONY TIME CHANGE,
Can a MOD, or someone with higher standing than myself on this platform, create a
What difficulty level is a time change?
A hard fork or a patch ??
Lets start there no ??!!!
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