Any thoughts or comments?
Personally, I don't like ads, but for people who are on ground zero trying to built their income from nothing I find PTC ads are important, so yes.
I don't go to Youtube or any news website to watch ads.
I don't think that there gonna be that much of income from just watching those ads.
So where is the content for the ads to come along with?
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This is great idea, I will always support great projects. Keep up great job.
I have had this though for Idena in the past. I wondered " what if we could get $DNA or another supported Idena Blockchain gov. token, for participating in ADs to promote either ourselves or other products?"
The only issue I could imagine are:
1) would become uncontrollable?
a) depending on who we are partnering up with to assist in conducting the Ads, who would hold more power over the content, them or us?

2) Should it be on a precipitation type basis?
a) as in if an identity does not want to participate, perhaps a toggle or monthly validation choice to be involved or not

I have seen these types of «AD based» compensation go far as in the case of «BRAVE BROWSER», I have also seen these become undefined and overcrowd a chat-based platform like «TELEGRAM».

I see potential if rolled-out with the right options, however!
Ads are so wrong, I don't wish to pollute my mind with ads, events against money.
Pollute my mind with ads induced needs will cost me more money in the long term.