Suggestion for Baffler: Best post competition.

I want to provide a suggestion on how to make Buffler more popular, while filling it with interesting and original content. My suggestion is to conduct «best post competition» once in a chosen time period. I suggest a quarter of the year might be a good starting point. The owner of Buffler can create a competition wallet that will be filled with competitors and sponsors tokens and played out among participants.

Each participant should follow few step to participate in the competition:
1. Create at least one post on the Buffler in the given time period.
2. At the moment of creating the post, send some fixed amount of IDNA tokens to the competition wallet and show the transaction in the post itself.

Of course, anyone can send any amount of additional tokens to the competition wallet. Although it is not expected, some sponsors might find it useful to donate IDNA to the competiton to suppost Idena commutiny therefore popularizing the network and boosting the price of the coin.

The winner of the competition might be chosen in the end of the quarter, by simply counting the number of likes the posts have. Because of proof of identity we can rely on this number and be sure that it will not be spoofed with bots.
Because addresses of wallets are publicly available there is an easy way to see all transactions happened. Therefore there are some guarantee that there will not be a foul play.
Furthermore, in the future whole process might be fully automated with smart contracts on top of Idena and further guarantee the fairness of the competition and rigidity of the rules.