Write article to explain why Idena is great for fair airdrops

I am not talking here about airdropping idena token but about other protocols airdropping their tokens to idena humans.

Purpose is to influence defi/cryptos project decision makers to include idena in their token holders acquisition strategy.

It will benefits to idena project popularity if idena humans have tokens and $$$ fall from the sky.

A) The Airdrop problem :

Most of crypto projects want to reach a maximum of people to raise the usage of their solutions. It's key to the success of they project, itś good to pump of their token, It's good for the governance to be really distributed.
Problem is the airdrops are mostly not really fair, sometimes the governance tokens ends up very concentrated in a too limited number of peoples, there are a bunch of «airdrops hunter» bots that create lots of different addresses and run transaction on those new protocols in the hope to catch as much airdrops as possible. they will mostly dump the tokens and won't involve in the project.

B) Where Idena can help :
  1. It gives access to 15000+ real people, mostly greedy-geeks and online community oriented folks that already have a crypto background.
  2. This is committed community that spends at least 30 minutes a month creating flips and doing ceremony.
  3. One address one people, no issue of airdrops chasing bots, or multi addresses issue.
  4. The process should be somehow technically simple as idena address are EVM compatible (same address should be usable on EVM chains too).
  5. open airdrop to all idena human should be a easy marketing task ( one day work to reach 15000+ peoples with good profile ).

C) Process to promote this idea :
  1. Write article draft and share across idena community.
  2. Collect the good ideas and merge to a final version
  3. Post this article in a place where targeted audience could be reached ( crypto protocols decision makers read medium, telegram, others? )
  4. Use idena community ( telegram channels, discord ) and ask all fellow idena comrades to re-post the link to twitter / reddit / telegram… and to tell they friends involved in the crypto world.
  5. hope the good idea will spread.
  6. make a @idena-airdrops email address and contact directly all protocols that may do some airdrops soon
(https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f_9c8P28dXG5K6DXlHGeTQUww5K8Ft6GgCKYZ8scjb0/htmlview?usp=drivesdk&pru=AAABfkRWexA*lMcaiq3M7O1u9R94CrRkYg# )

Do the best to answer their questions / make airdrop to idena holders easy for them.



Great idea and 100% support!
Please, provide some picture for better promotion.