How to create an ad in IDENA

Idena allows running ads in the Idena network in a decentralized and privacy-preserving way. Anyone and everyone is welcome to promote their projects in the Idena network. It will not ask for your passport ID or your tax number. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. Only the content of your ad matters. If the ad is approved by Idena oracles (a randomly selected committee of Idena validated identities), then you’re good to go. Create your campaign with this ad and burn enough coins to be in the Top 3 ads which are shown for every transaction in the Idena client.

To create an ad in IDENA simply follow these steps:

  1. Create an ad
  2. Get your ad reviewed by IDENA Oracles
  3. Run a campaign

Step 1. Create an ad

Log into your account in the Idena Web app (or create a new account).

On the left-side menu, go to Ads and click the New Ad button.

Fill the information about your ad

Upload the images:

  • Media: the image with aspect ratio 1:1 and size 640 x 640 px will be shown in a full screen format when a transaction is mined
  • Thumbnail: the image with aspect ratio 1:1 and size 80 x 80 px will be shown in the horizontal banner on every page of the Idena app
  • Please note that the uploaded images should be less than 1Mb. We recommend using non-transparent images with aspect ratio 1:1 and size 200–300 kb for Media and 100 kb for Thumbnail.

Specify the target audience for your ad or leave the parameters blank to show your ad to all users.

You can set the following parameters:
  • Language: the language of an user’s Idena client
  • Min age: the minimum age of identities to see your ad
  • Min stake: the minimum amount that should be in the stake of identities to see your ad
  • OS: the operational system of an user’s computer
Once you’re done editing your ad, click the Preview button to see how your ad looks in both formats.

Press the Save button and your ad will be saved in the Drafts

Step 2. Get your ad reviewed by IDENA Oracles

To send your ad on review by Idena Oracles, click the Review button. The costs to create an Oracle voting on your ad are the following:

  • Stake, iDNA: the amount of coins needed to create a contract with Oracle voting. Please note that 50% of the stake will be refunded to your address after the voting is terminated
  • Review fee, iDNA: the prize pool of the Oracle voting. This pool will be distributed among the voters who published their votes (approve/reject) in time.

If you click the Send button, an Oracle voting will be automatically created with the following default parameters:

  • Committee size: 300 oracles
  • Quorum: 1%
  • Prize pool: the minimum required prize pool for the committee of 300 oracles
  • Owner fee: 0%
  • Voting duration: 1 day
  • Counting duration: 1 day

The ad will be moved to the On review tab.

Only validated identities who have been randomly selected to the committee are able to vote in the Oracle voting. They can see the description of the ad, check the link and preview the images.

During the voting period the selected identities vote on one of the options and publish their secret votes. During the counting period they need to disclose their secret votes and make them public.

After the counting period is finished click the Finish voting button if there are enough disclosed votes (the quorum is reached).

If the quorum is not reached, you can prolong the voting. By clicking the Prolong button the new committee will be randomly selected and the voting will be prolonged.

If the ad is approved by the Idena Oracles, it will be moved to the Approved tab. Otherwise, it will be moved to the Rejected tab.

Step 3. Run a campaign

For the approved ads click the Create campaign button

To start showing your ad click the Burn button and enter the amount of coins which you would like to pay for the ad.

The maximum amount of coins burnt in 24 hours by an ad with similar target parameters is shown in Max bid.

Please keep in mind that the protocol only shows the Top 3 ads which have burned the most coins in the past 24 hours. So to make your ad visible to the Idena network you need to burn enough coins to be in the Top 3 ads.

That’s it! If your ad is in the Top 3 ads, it will be shown every time when a transaction is mined. The horizontal banner will be displayed on every page of the Idena app.


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