My attitude towards IIP-5

IIP-5 oracle voting has been started. The proposed change aims to increase the mining rewards for solo-miners who accumulate their stakes and reduce mining rewards for large pools that mostly sell their coins.

I sincerely do not understand those people who are against this change. I initially valued my personality as soon as I joined the project, and did not miss a single validation ceremony, of which I already had 29. At the same time, a huge number of people forget about Idena as soon as the price of a coin drops.

I am sure that the introduction of IIP-5 will be a kind of motivation for such people, who will finally become serious about their personality and will appreciate it.

And of course, I will be sincerely glad if, after the changes made, it becomes unbearably difficult for farms to live, just as it is unbearably difficult to see their vile flips.

To get maximum profit a pool should distribute an investor's funds across many «human» identities. If an investor wants to withdraw the money, the pool must kill those «human» identities to be able to return the money. Then the pool needs to grow new «human» identities by validating them 4 times. So the scheme is quite complicated.

Who worries me the least is those who come to the project for momentary profit, there is no point in such individuals, the network does not get better, the network does not develop, the network does not become stronger.


Well, I congratulate all those who voted for the update, cheers! )

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The discussion of IIP-5 was so intense, I honestly thought it won't pass through. Looking forwad for this fork
I am also looking forward to, in my opinion, these are the most significant changes that will positively affect the quality of the network.
Let's sick it to the farms comrades.
After the fork, large pools will start up their «cows» for minced meat. This is a huge plus for the network.