My vision for the future of IDENA in 10 years

IDENA is the first Proof-of-Person blockchain based on democratic principles. Each mining node is associated with a crypto-identifier — this person with equal right vote and equal mining income.

It's all very interesting and cool, but is this the end? Is the whole essence of the idea limited to this and it completes its development at this level, or will it still have some development of continuation in the future?

I will try to give my answer to this question. It's all just my imagination, but let's face it: everyone would be happy to see IDENA continue its development, and maybe even bring some benefit to our world. At least, in my opinion, IDENA is quite environmentally friendly, as its server capacity pollutes its own resources much less, as well as mining other well-known currencies.

So, where can you use such a large blockchain with real people, the essence of which is precisely the logic of a person, in which it is impossible to replace a person with a job.

In my opinion, it is obvious that IDENA can be used in scientific studies of the psychology of human behavior. Just imagine: scientific research programs pay large expenses for researching the brain activity of different people, different sexes, ages, etc. How much more convenient it would be to conduct these studies on IDENA flips, this is a huge number of people who are 100% not robots and contain logical tasks, each in a different way, each on their own, creating their own flips. To be honest, this is quite a large database of information that can help in large-scale studies of the psychology of the human brain.

If IDENA were to collaborate with well-known research companies, they could integrate their quizzes and flips into IDENA to study certain human behaviors. Obviously, each participant would give consent to this, indicate their data, age, gender, etc. It would be possible to enter scripts for monitoring human behavior on the page, how they reacts to non-standard flips, how they constructs her flips on her own experience, or, for example, mass execution of the same type of flips instead of other people doing exactly that, or someone stubbornly manifests his difference from others. In the future, this could be brought to the level where people who consent to research are given brain activity sensors that connect to their PC and synchronize with IDENA, transmit their brain activity data to research companies, respectively, according to which they would received an additional reward.

All this may sound like fantasy, but in my opinion, such collaborative of IDENA with scientists have made a great contribution to the development of science, to the study of the human brain, human behavior, the definition of psychological diseases, defects, which would help many people in the future.

Or maybe IDENA is already a program that studies the behavior of our brain, and the Proof-of-Person blockchain is just a cover for the fact that we are studying scientists for our own purposes, all can be...

Do you think this is possible in the future?


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