Idena chat on buffler

It would be cool if I could write to any Idena identity here on wall. Right now I can do that only for ones that have made profile. That would allow me to send someone a question after validation, for example, why did he report my flip. Or ask someone, why did he make some bad flip and have option to give some advices, educate each other on validation mechanics.

It would engage community, would be interesting, very messy and most likely fun. Telegram and Discord can't achieve this.

From a tech standpoint, Baffler would need one cron job after every validation to auto create profiles for all validated identities. I have PHP RPC for this to get all identities info, not hard to execute.

It would be nice that people could search their address and see if they have unread messages, even if they never signed in on Buffler.
During validation, we would tell people to use it, so they start conversations. I think it would gain traction. Also, ad could help out in promoting this.


Thanks for the idea, I'll think about its implementation. While we are implementing Telegram to be able to receive notifications. We want to understand whether people will willingly tie Telegrams to their identity. Without notifications, the inconvenience is 99%)