Idena: Digital Democracy without a Centralized Entity

A case for crypto for the left would undoubtedly have to include the potential for creating resilient methods for digital democracy. However to make real democracy of one person one vote is incredibly difficult without having a very good system of sybil resistance, or for a way to tell that a single account is a single person. This is why so many projects rely on pure token governance, which is not really that democratic.

You have some projects that try to provide a layer of sybil resistance, but many times it includes a loss of some amount of privacy. Idena (@IdenaNetwork) has come across to me as a blockchain that has seemed to found a good balance between privacy and sybil resistance.

For this episode I spoke to two community members of the Idena community that go by LTraveler and TravCrypto. In the interview we spoke about how Idena works, the different types of use cases it enables related to digital democracy, and how it protects usersโ€™ privacy.

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