Make Idena great! for once

Vision of the project in ten years, geez, I'm not sure it will survive for that long.

What I'd like to see in Idena or a similar future project is:
post quantum signatures,
short video flips instead of four-pictures flips
and at least partial privacy layer.

And I don't get the core team's vision, why make pooling easier with mining delegation and then make it harder with quadratic rewards for mining? What happened to changing the validation time to 15:00 UTC?

And I have trouble creating a voting on the chain via the web client, «too many arguments, want at most 1» it says. It would be great if someone wrote a guide on how to set it up on your own server.

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Thanks for your opinion)

Perhaps in the future, the validation will look different, but for now we have flips. It is flips that make it possible to involve in validation not only nuclear physicists, programmers and mathematicians, but also ordinary earthlings)

Allowing large pools to spread was a huge mistake from the start. This bug has now been partially fixed.

The validation time has been changed as a result of a vote. This made it more comfortable for most people.
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