Idena in 10 years

I think 10 years are a lot. The oldest crypto blockchains just reached this number, and they had a wild ride for sure!

We've seen lots of projects get created and fall down. The most useful ones stayed and are still here to this day. I am optimistic about Idena being one of these in the future.

In my opinion, once we'll be able to write smart contracts, many beautiful things will start growing on the network. It would also be a big milestone if Idena will successfully implement complete sharding. These are the main features I am personally looking for. Smart contracts will open the gates to a lot of small decentralized projects, things like mixing coins and taking a loan are just two of the many things that can be created using Idena identities along with smart contracts.

I think we're at an early stage, and Idena still has a lot ahead of itself. We can only hope for the best for the project we all invested our time in, Idena!

Where do YOU see Idena in 10 years?