"Coherent and imaginative story" grading framework in action - Epoch #0094

In this post series, I will showcase how the «coherent and imaginative story» grading framework would play out if implemented in validations. To do so, I'll simply report and grade the flips that I have seen in the last long session. The idea behind this post series is also to get your feedback as to whether or not you would have reported/graded my flips differently.

Flips I would have reported (credit usage: 3/5):

Flips I would have graded «coherent and imaginative below average» (credit usage: 5/5):

Flips I would have graded «coherent and imaginative above average» (credit usage: 5/5):

Flips I would have not graded because I ran out of grading credits (medium quality):

Do you agree or disagree with my report/grading? Take the poll below to let us know.

How similarly or differently would you report/grade these flips?



I would've additionally reported Fairy/Splash and Love/Radio flips for having two disconnected stories. I agree with the rest, although in the Steak/Withered Plant flip the use of Withered plant keyword is kinda flimsy. I probably would've abstained from voting with the current system
That makes sense. I reported 5 flips during the last session but with this mechanism there isn't actually an economic incentive to report low-quality but non reportable flips hence I would have only reported three. That said I agree that the withered plant one was borderline.