Split th key, sell th vote, camcorder frames


For the last couple of months I went on a journey of self-loathing,
my mother and I left Saint-Petersburg and visited: Vladimir, Moscow, Novorossiysk, Anapa, Kazan', Samara, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and returned back to Tashkent.
You can see it on Odysee and Youtube roughly from these videos onward:

I left a memo on how to mine Idena on Raspberry Pi:


Some don't like the audio flip idea, I meant audio in addition to the picture and maybe moving pictures in the future.
These are hard AI problems, better than adding adversarial noise. There are online audio sample libraries for the lazies.

I am playing with Precursor by Sutajio Kosagi, there is the Vault app, makes the device into a FIDO key, I thought what if I could use it with Idena?
But then the mining would be a problem. Can we split the roles of the private key, like in Steem, Eos? Make one key for mining, other for voting, yet another for handling big fat stakes.

Would you like to see voting market on Idena, votes being bought and sold?
Maybe burning coins to be able to vote will prevent this…

The power wire on my camera glasses got pinched, a very fine one, like at the end of headphones, I tried to replace it and just got more of the components detached.
So I thought of buying a new pair or making my own. jlcpcb provides even 3d prints now, maybe I'll try.

Here's the idea:
make a tiny brick camcorder and iterate on that,
5-6 cm in length, 1-2 in width and as thin as possible,
sell the temple tips and front frames as a separate kits of different sizes, colors and lenses, to fit all the groups,
tightly stick the frame parts into the holes of the box, so it is less leaky,
close to 180 degree of view, one mic at the front for starters,
brightly colored so the camera is evident,
hinges on the front frame, not on the side as usual,
on/off button on the bottom, long press — Bluetooth pairing,
volume up on the phone — take a photo,
volume down twice — audio recording off, once — on,
no video at first,
some 2-4 gigs of storage, <100 mAh of battery,
usb-c for charging, data transfer and settings adjustment.

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