Would you grade my flips like I would? - Epoch #0095

In this post series, I will showcase how the «coherent and imaginative story» grading framework would play out if implemented in validations. To do so, I'll simply follow the rules of this grading framework to report and grade the flips that I have seen in the long session from epoch 95. The idea behind this post series is also to get your feedback as to whether or not you would have reported/graded my flips differently.

In this session, I had 14 flips which would provide me with:
— 5 report credits
— 5 above average credits
— 5 below average credits

Only flips that haven't been reported can either be graded «coherent and imaginative story above average» or «coherent and imaginative story below average».

Flips I would have reported (credit usage: 5/5):

Flips I would have graded «coherent and imaginative below average» (credit usage: 4/5):

Flips I would have graded «coherent and imaginative above average» (credit usage: 5/5):

Do you agree or disagree with my report/grading? Take the poll below to let us know.

How similarly or differently would you report/grade these flips?


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