FIFA World Cup Predictions on Idena

Idena's predefined smart contracts allow creating prediction markets (bets) by making use of the Oracle voting and Refundable Oracle Lock smart contracts.
The setup is quite simple and well explained by the developers on the docs site and in this article.

I created a light tool which will allow people to place their predictions on who they think will win the FIFA World Cup (after the finalists are known). Starting from just 1 iDNA, anyone can join in with a bet.

The Ā«hostingĀ» is done using Idena's IPFS!

This is an example of something created by taking advantage of the capabilities this network offers!

I invite you be part of the early steps Idena takes by placing a symbolic bet right after the end of the last semifinal game on who you think will be the winner

Do you think we will see more prediction markets built using Idena in the future?


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