Idena hard fork announcement: Mining rewards based on Quadratic staking

Dear Idena community,
We plan to release a new version of the Idena node on August 23, 2022
This will be a hard fork that includes the following changes.

1. IIP-5

Change the block reward distribution so that instead of a fixed mining reward, the block proposer and block validators are paid in proportion to their stake to the power of 0.9. The proposed change affects only mining rewards distribution and does not affect the consensus mechanism, which implies equality of votes when verifying blocks according to the principle: one node = one vote.
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Idena: Digital Democracy without a Centralized Entity

A case for crypto for the left would undoubtedly have to include the potential for creating resilient methods for digital democracy. However to make real democracy of one person one vote is incredibly difficult without having a very good system of sybil resistance, or for a way to tell that a single account is a single person. This is why so many projects rely on pure token governance, which is not really that democratic.
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Explorers Found Treasure on a Spanish Galleon Shipwreck More Than 360 Years After It Sank

Using new scientific research methods, Allen Exploration located a large trove of items smuggled aboard a ship that sank in 1656.

  • The Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas wrecked in the Bahamas in 1656 carrying a double load of treasure.
  • Plundered for centuries, a new scientific approach yielded a distinct view of the eight-mile trail of debris.
  • The fresh find goes on display at the new Bahamas Maritime Museum starting August 8.
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My attitude towards IIP-5

IIP-5 oracle voting has been started. The proposed change aims to increase the mining rewards for solo-miners who accumulate their stakes and reduce mining rewards for large pools that mostly sell their coins.

I sincerely do not understand those people who are against this change. I initially valued my personality as soon as I joined the project, and did not miss a single validation ceremony, of which I already had 29. At the same time, a huge number of people forget about Idena as soon as the price of a coin drops.
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Garrett Ace 150 review

It was my first metal detector, there are many interesting stories connected with it, it presented many finds in its time, and with this review, I decided to immortalize it :)

Garrett Ace 150
Before reviewing Garrett Ace 150, I would like to stress that though this metal detector is a budget solution and is not placed as a winning model on the market of metal detecting devices, it features an optimum compromise of price and features.
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Almost 9 pound silver treasure of medieval Poland

Told by the founder

It was summer, it was hot, the grass was waist-high. Digging was just impossible. The heat made me constantly stop and drink water. The wood was the only place to relax and wander.

All the fields around were sown. There was not a single place to hunt and dig treasures. This was the reason we chose the wood to try our luck in treasure hunting. Why trying luck? We headed to the wood having no information about this location. We just drove a car and stopped near the first available one.
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XP Gold Maxx Power review

This review of XP Gold Maxx metal detector will drop out technical features as all of these aspects are listed in the user manual so I will not focus on them in tis review.

Also mind that I do not sell or distribute metal detectors, and my reviews contain only my opinion and ideas as of usage of any metal detecting device.
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Garrett AT Pro review

Garrett AT Pro — one of the top popular metal detecting devices among Semi-pro units in its price segment. The popularity is explained with new options which were previously unavailable for metal detectors.

Garrett AT Pro is a symbiosis of ground and underwater metal detection which will perfectly perform on any surface whether you set to explore the lands in the country, a local sandy beach or to explore a river bed. In any of these environments the metal detector AT Pro will perform well its searching abilities which despite everything ensure a valid practical effect.
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Oxfordshire treasure of Roman golden coins

Rich people of the epoch held their savings in gold coins and jewelry as these were easier to transport in case of emergency. Who owned this treasure and which way it made before being hidden in Oxfordshire?

Roman treasures are often discovered in Great Britain.

By now there are over 1200 treasures discovered and registered. However there are only few of them containing Roman golden coins.
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Garrett AT Gold review

Having used Garrett AT Gold for a while, I came to a conclusion that this metal detector is a better optimized for detection of low-conductivity units due to its 18khz frequency. The name of the detector also speaks for itself. However some one-for-all features are present in the device. But to enjoy them one must choose Garrett AT Pro version.
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