How to create flips more easily with AI assistance.

Creating a new flip is not a hard process, but sometimes a good consistent story just doesn't come into mind, especially when it is bounded by a couple of words you have you use in it. I had an idea how to accelerate this process a little bit with some AI techniques that currently exist and are easily available for everyone. The main idea is to present a type of a story I want to get to a GPT-like model and use its response as a backbone for a flip’s story.
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Suggestion for Baffler: Best post competition.

I want to provide a suggestion on how to make Buffler more popular, while filling it with interesting and original content. My suggestion is to conduct «best post competition» once in a chosen time period. I suggest a quarter of the year might be a good starting point. The owner of Buffler can create a competition wallet that will be filled with competitors and sponsors tokens and played out among participants.
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What can make this place actually active?

I really like the idea behind Baffler and Idena, a social space with little to no bots where people can share the voice they have and not being manipulated by ton of malicious actors. I wish this place thrive and I call for ideas to make it happen. As for now I can only promise to write a post at least ones in a week. Does anyone have any?