Idena hard fork announcement: Mining rewards based on Quadratic staking

Dear Idena community,
We plan to release a new version of the Idena node on August 23, 2022
This will be a hard fork that includes the following changes.

1. IIP-5

Change the block reward distribution so that instead of a fixed mining reward, the block proposer and block validators are paid in proportion to their stake to the power of 0.9. The proposed change affects only mining rewards distribution and does not affect the consensus mechanism, which implies equality of votes when verifying blocks according to the principle: one node = one vote.
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Idena: Digital Democracy without a Centralized Entity

A case for crypto for the left would undoubtedly have to include the potential for creating resilient methods for digital democracy. However to make real democracy of one person one vote is incredibly difficult without having a very good system of sybil resistance, or for a way to tell that a single account is a single person. This is why so many projects rely on pure token governance, which is not really that democratic.
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Idena chat on buffler

It would be cool if I could write to any Idena identity here on wall. Right now I can do that only for ones that have made profile. That would allow me to send someone a question after validation, for example, why did he report my flip. Or ask someone, why did he make some bad flip and have option to give some advices, educate each other on validation mechanics.
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My vision for the future of IDENA in 10 years

IDENA is the first Proof-of-Person blockchain based on democratic principles. Each mining node is associated with a crypto-identifier — this person with equal right vote and equal mining income.

It's all very interesting and cool, but is this the end? Is the whole essence of the idea limited to this and it completes its development at this level, or will it still have some development of continuation in the future?
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My attitude towards IIP-5

IIP-5 oracle voting has been started. The proposed change aims to increase the mining rewards for solo-miners who accumulate their stakes and reduce mining rewards for large pools that mostly sell their coins.

I sincerely do not understand those people who are against this change. I initially valued my personality as soon as I joined the project, and did not miss a single validation ceremony, of which I already had 29. At the same time, a huge number of people forget about Idena as soon as the price of a coin drops.
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Decentralized Ads– The Web3 Solution of Advertising

The classic web2 experience is inextricably tied with ads. This, in and of itself, is not a problem, as online ads are an extremely important way for companies to reach new audiences, and for platforms to continue providing free services to their userbase. However, the way ads are handled in web2 is a problem– not only for the users who view ads, but for the companies who buy and promote them.

For starters, most ads are managed through highly centralized tech organisations that pull all the strings, such as Google AdSense, Facebook Audience Network and Apple Advertising. These corporations decide whether your ads are suitable, and can choose to limit your exposure or even ban your ads without much recourse or clear reason.
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"As the Individual Rewards go down, the coin Becomes more Scarce and Consequently more valuable" - Interview with Andrew, Idena Сo-Founder

IDENA is the first Proof-of-Person blockchain based on human-centric consensus. Anyone connected to the Internet can become a miner by passing a validation. Today the network has 12k+ validated people and 2K+ mining nodes which make IDENA one of the most decentralized blockchains. Watch the explanatory video:

Chris: Idena provides a crypto identity based on the blockchain. How does the system identify unique individuals without any KYC requirements?
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How to create flips more easily with AI assistance.

Creating a new flip is not a hard process, but sometimes a good consistent story just doesn't come into mind, especially when it is bounded by a couple of words you have you use in it. I had an idea how to accelerate this process a little bit with some AI techniques that currently exist and are easily available for everyone. The main idea is to present a type of a story I want to get to a GPT-like model and use its response as a backbone for a flip’s story.
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