How to contracts with JSONs?

Reiterating my question on Discord.

How do I work with my contracts from
What are Map Key and Format in «Read contract map value»?

motivation: There was some outage on the, I couldn't use it, I don't like the blinding white of the desktop client, I might even have done something unobvious in the web client that made the contract perpetuate itself several times.

Write article to explain why Idena is great for fair airdrops

I am not talking here about airdropping idena token but about other protocols airdropping their tokens to idena humans.

Purpose is to influence defi/cryptos project decision makers to include idena in their token holders acquisition strategy.

It will benefits to idena project popularity if idena humans have tokens and $$$ fall from the sky.
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Suggestion for Baffler: Best post competition.

I want to provide a suggestion on how to make Buffler more popular, while filling it with interesting and original content. My suggestion is to conduct «best post competition» once in a chosen time period. I suggest a quarter of the year might be a good starting point. The owner of Buffler can create a competition wallet that will be filled with competitors and sponsors tokens and played out among participants.
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What can make this place actually active?

I really like the idea behind Baffler and Idena, a social space with little to no bots where people can share the voice they have and not being manipulated by ton of malicious actors. I wish this place thrive and I call for ideas to make it happen. As for now I can only promise to write a post at least ones in a week. Does anyone have any?

How to get maximum rewards from your invites

A complete guide on how to find candidates, issue invitations, and make sure they attend the validation ceremony

Invitation rewards can constitute up to around 90% of all your rewards. At the moment of writing this post, there are identities who received almost 400 iDNA for invitations only in one epoch. So if you want to earn maximum rewards in Idena, it is important to employ the best strategy for giving out your invites. Here is a guide on how to do that.
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